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    Pamukkale Express

    General Information

    The Pamukkale Express operates every day between Denizli-Eskişehir-Denizli. The Pamukkale Express main line route goes via Sandıklı and Kütahya, from Kütahya to Eskişehir. The train has no sleeping coaches or dining car. The journey takes an average of 8 hours.

    Pamukkale: A Marvel of Nature and a Roman City side by side

    The white travertine cascades resembling frozen waterfalls and terraces of shallow pools were created by the waters of thermal springs reacting with the air. This phenomenon was first noticed by the Romans. The magnificent Hierapolis ancient city was established next to the travertines by the Romans.

    Main Stopping Points


    Sandıklı is famed for its marble quarries, its dairy cream kaymak, and its Turkish delight. People also come from all over Türkiye to bathe in the hot springs and natural mud baths in the district.


    Afyon is the capital of thermal tourism in Türkiye and its importance is increasing day by day. In addition to its abundance of the thermal springs it also boasts an interesting history, a rich cultural heritages, wonderful nature and unique cuisine.


    A lesser-known part of Central Anatolia, Kütahya is most famous for its colourful porcelain tiles. However, the Temple of Zeus at Aizanoi is perhaps one of the best-preserved Roman temples in Türkiye and is well worth the visit.


    The name, which translates as “Old City” is ironic nowadays because the city is famous for its youth culture and student population. Home to two of Türkiye’s largest Universities, Eskişehir is often referred to as ‘Student City’.

    • Pamukkale Travertines
    • Hieropolis Ancient City
    • Frig Valley
    • “Odunpazarı” Old Town in Eskişehir
    • "Çibörek” in Eskişehir
    • “Sucuk” and Turkish Delight in Afyon
    • Flowers around Porsuk River in Eskişehir
    • Healing spring waters
    • Lively ambience of Eskişehir
    • Local special fabric of Denizli
    • Story of seramic masters in Kütahya
    • Sounds of water flowing on Pamukkale Travertines