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    Fırat (Euphrates) Express

    General Information

    The Fırat Express operates every day between Elazığ-Adana-Elazığ. The train has no sleeping coaches or dining car, and it completes the journey between Elazığ and Adana in about 10 hours.

    Main Stopping Points


    Elazığ is one of the most developed cities of the region. The city is getting a name in the field of alternative tourism. From prehistoric times, many civilizations have lived in Elazığ and dozens of cultural treasures have survived until today. As well as being a city that is becoming more important in terms of trade Elazığ is worth visiting for its natural beauty.


    Malatya is renowned its delicious local apricots. It is a region that has been highly prized throughout history and was first settled by the Hittites according to historical sources. The older name of Melita was written on the tablets of that civilization and the modern name of Malatya is a derivation of this.


    Osmaniye is located on the eastern edge of the Çukurova plain in the foothills of the Nur Mountains, a small city with fertile and rich agricultural land. Situated on a major crossroads connecting Çukurova to the eastern part of Anatolia, Osmaniye is the gateway between Anatolia and the Middle East. Osmaniye is on the Silk Road, a place of strategic importance and has been a settlement for various civilizations including the Hittites, Persians and Romans.


    Set in the heart of the Çukurova (Cilician) Plain, Türkiye's fourth largest city Adana has a history that goes back as far as the 7th millennium BCE. The numerous civilizations that occupied and dominated the land left layers of archaeological treasures, clues for the region's complex past. While history buffs can enjoy exploring the ruins of ancient cities, nature-lovers can relax in the cool, clean air on the slopes and plateaus of the Taurus Mountains.

    • “Taşköprü” (Stone Bridge) in Adana
    • “Taşköprü” (Stone Bridge) in Adana
    • Arslantepe Open Air Museum in Malatya
    • Adana Kebab
    • "Acılı Ezme” in Adana
    • “Tulum” cheese in Elazığ
    • Orange and tangerine blossoms in Adana
    • Local apricots of Malatya
    • The Mediterranean Sea in Adana
    • Fertil soils around Euphrates River
    • Local legends of Adana
    • Story from ancient civilizations around Euphrates River