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    6 Eylül (6th September) Express

    General Information

    The 6 Eylül Express service operates regularly every day between İzmir (Basmane) -Balıkesir (Bandırma) -İzmir (Basmane). The train has no sleeping coaches or dining car. The journey takes an average of 7 hours.

    Main Stopping Points

    İzmir (Basmane)

    İzmir, the “Pearl of the Aegean,” is the birthplace of the epic poet Homer and a city with 8,500 years of history. In recent history, it was known as Smyrna. A coastline of more than 600 kilometres and of unmatched beauty is embroidered with magnificent ancient cities, two of which, Pergamon and Ephesus, are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


    Manisa, historically known as Magnesia, is a large city in Türkiye's Aegean Region. Modern Manisa is a booming centre of industry and services, advantaged by its closeness to the international port city and the regional metropolitan centre of İzmir and by its fertile hinterland rich in quantity and variety of agricultural production.


    Balıkesir ranks high for its natural beauty, ancient cultural heritage and hot waters. You can ‘heal’ in rich hot waters, see archaeological treasures, cool on blue-flagged beaches and indulge in nature rich endemic species of Mound Ida. Getting to know the gastronomic values of this olive-scented city, where green and blue meet, will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


    Ancient Penderamus, now called Bandırma, is today an important commercial and industrial harbour second only to İstanbul in the Sea of Marmara; you can spend a pleasant afternoon in the town’s restaurants and cafés.

    • Ancient city of Pergamon and Ephesus
    • House of Virgin Mary
    • Unforgettable landscape of “Şeytan Sofrası” in Balıkesir
    • The local virgin olive oils in Aegean Coasts
    • "Kumru” and “Boyoz” in İzmir
    • Turkish “meze”s in Balıkesir
    • Local grapes and wines İzmir
    • Local cherries in Manisa
    • Aegean herbs
    • Lovely ambience in Cunda Island in Balıkesir
    • Turquoise sea and golden sands in İzmir and Balıkesir
    • Myths about ancient Ionian cities in İzmir
    • Sounds of small wave in sunset time in İzmir and Balıkesir