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    in Türkiye

    General Information

    An amazing train journey for you. The Eastern Express (Doğu Express) is an overnight passenger train operated by the Turkish State Railways. The train runs 1,310 km from Ankara Railway Station to Kars Railway Station, offering you an unforgettable experience with a trip through snow and beautiful landscapes.

    The Doğu Express operates every day between Ankara-Kars-Ankara. The train consists of normal seat (pulman) coaches, sleeping couchette (kuşet) coaches and a dining car. There are 10 compartments in the couchette wagons and 4 people can travel in each compartment. Bed sheet, cover and pillow are provided. The seats in the compartment can be used as beds when desired. The dining car has 14 tables, seating ranging from 47 to 52.

    The train is very popular. The peak season is summer when there are more pulman coaches. In the winter months the train is used by special interest groups such as hikers, photographers, mountaineering groups, university students and the train have more couchette wagons.

    The Eastern Express completes its journey between Ankara and Kars in approximately 25 hours. It departs from Ankara at 17.55 and from Kars at 08.00.